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Anti Copying In Design

  Three classically inspired border designs.

When hung with the Ashlar Block papers, the Architectural Borders can give the effect of a craved cornice, a dado or embellishment around doors and windows. The border can also be used to bring architectural definition to a room which is decorated with plain paper or paints.

Acanthus A carved design of stylised acanthus leaves interwoven with ribbon Size: 10m x 10cm / 11yards x 1 1/4"

Acanthus Leaf

Egg & Dart A classical cornice motif Size: 10m x 7.5cm / 11yards x 1 1/4"

Egg and Dart

Bead A simple, elegant bead and lozenge design Size: 10m x 3cm / 11 yards x 1 1/4"

Available in the 6 Ashlar Block colourways.



Ashlar Borders & Trompe L'oeil

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