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  A bold, curving Arabesque design decorates the wall with a dramatic statement.

In contrasting colours the design makes a strong impact, while in quiet toning shades the effect is more subtle. The Arabesque design is printed with slightly pearlised inks, so it catches and reflects the light, while the background is matt. The collection is printed in a variety of colourways or can be printed to client specification. This is a wallpaper which allows you to interpret the design in your own way. It can be hung to create different rhythms on the wall .

Collection Colourways:

  • ARB 1101 Beige on Beige
  • ARB 1102 Bronze on Black
  • ARB 1103 Yellow on Yellow
  • ARB 1104 Silver on Verdigris
  • ARB 1105 Blue on Blue
Size: 10m x 53cms / 10 1/2 yards x 20"

Arabesque Hand Printed Wallpaper

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Arabesque wallpaper seen below in a dressing room
designed by Kate Earle at Todhunter Earle
Arabesque at Todhunter Earle

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