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Anti Copying In Design

  A design of translucent squares, hand printed in shimmering colours to catch the light and create an interesting texture within its reflections.

We make Checkmate wallpaper in a careful process using different types of ink to achieve the varying degrees of light reflection.

At their most reflective, the colours have a sparkle which seems to give life to the design as it catches the light in different ways around the room. In contrast, some areas seem to absorb light, while others glow with a soft lustre. It is this spectrum of tonal values which creates the textural effect of the design. In the soft colourways of Mist, Silver and Ivory the chequered pattern has an understated presence, but the design becomes more marked in the other colourways.

Collection Colourways:

  • CMA 6601 Ice Blue
  • CMA 6602 Ivory
  • CMA 6603 Yellow
  • CMA 6604 Bronze
  • CMA 6605 Taupe
  • CMA 6606 Suede
  • CMA 6607 Verdigris
  • CMA 6608 Mist
  • CMA 6609 Silver
Or printed to your specification
Size: 10m x 53cm / 11 yards x 21"

Checkmate Hand Printed Wallpaper

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