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Anti Copying In Design

  A timeless design which can exist happily with any style of decoration.

In neutrals, silvers, greys and beiges it has a contemporary twist. In muted shades it works as a background in traditional interiors, while bolder colour combinations create drama and impact. Curve and Zig Zag can also be printed to order in any combination of colours.

The paper has a hand brushed background. In the Silver colourway illustrated and the Champagne, the ground shimmers with a subtle patina, soft reflecting the light. In other colourways the paper has a light absorbent quality which gives a depth of colour. It contrasts with a light catching reflection in the design as it weaves its way up the wall.

Curve and Zig Zag are designed to hang in different rhythms on the wall. No match is necessary because the effect is intentionally non repetitive.

Collection Colourways:

  • ZIZ 1401 White / Silver Lustre
  • ZIZ 1402 Aqua / Silver Lustre
  • ZIZ 1403 Lime / Silver Lustre
  • ZIZ 1404 Amethyst / Silver Lustre
  • ZIZ 1405 Blue / Silver Lustre
  • CUR 1501 White / Champagne Lustre
  • CUR 1502 Beige / Champagne Lustre
  • CUR 1503 Taupe / Champagne Lustre
  • CUR 1504 Loganberry / Champagne Lustre
  • CUR 1505 Raspberry / Champagne Lustre
Or printed to your specification
Size: 10m x 53 cms / 11 yards x 21"

Curve & Zig Zag Hand Printed Wallpaper

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