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  A collection of contemporary wallpapers made by our craftsmen using traditional blockprinting techniques.

Precious metals like 22 carat Gold, White Gold and Sterling Silver bring an incomparable richness to the designs, reflecting the light and glowing with discreet elegance.

There is nothing to compare with real Gold and the effect it makes on the wall. It will go on looking lustrous and wonderful for years. But White Gold and Silver oxidise over the course of time. At the beginning the look is fresh and sparkling; gradually soft bronze shades creep into the colour, giving depth and sense of change. The design seems to develop its own life as it hangs on the wall.

We can print both the leaf design and the companion square design on to any of our background wallpapers and hand made papers. In the picture the leaf is printed at 50cm intervals, but the repeat can be changed to suit your particular requirements.

Size: width 20" / 50cm Repeat: to clients requirements
From £73.40 per metre (22ct Gold)
From £58.80 per metre (sterling silver leaf)
From £44.00 per metre (handblocked colour)


Elements Collection Hand Printed Wallpaper

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