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Anti Copying In Design

  A crisp contemporary wallpaper inspired by the art of Matisse.

The oak leaf is designed to fall in different directions over the wall creating a feeling of movement. No match is necessary and drops can be reversed to create a free design without a repeat. In 14 smart colour combinations ranging from serene neutrals to bright and lively contrasts. This paper should be hung and reverse hung alternately to create a random effect.

Colour combinations:

  • FLV 2201 Sapling Cream on Deep Cream
  • FLV 2202 Birch Milk on Beige
  • FLV 2203 Pebble Beige on Beige
  • FLV 2204 Lichen Green on Ground
  • FLV 2205 Verdigris Verdigris on Ground
  • FLV 2207 Drift Heather on Stone
  • FLV 2206 Haze Blue on Pale Blue
  • FLV 2208 Heather Cream on Heather
  • FLV 2209 Cep Cream on Plaster
  • FLV 2210 Sloe Dusky Red on Plaster
  • FLV 2211 Bracken Russet on Cream
  • FLV 2212 Berry Old Terracotta on Pale Terracotta
  • FLV 2213 Corn Corn on Pale Yellow
  • FLV 2214 Chanterelle Antique Gold on Yellow
Falling Leaves Hand Printed Wallpaper

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