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The graphic style of the Vice Versa wallpaper collection makes a crisp contemporary statement on the wall. It appears to be a design of great simplicity but as the light passes across it the pattern changes, creating both depth and movement within the overall space.

The colourways are both sophisticated and subtle, with a reflective quality which picks up hues from the surroundings. In this way Vice Versa seems to fuse colours together, making it a highly versatile wallpaper for todays designer.

Some colourways are very pale and unobtrusive, others are more pronounced and give a particular emphasis to the walls.

There are 9 colours in the collection and Vice Versa can also be coloured to order:

  • Taupe
  • Mauve
  • Granite
  • Stone
  • Silver
  • Buff
  • Steel
  • Celadon
  • Ice
Size: 10m x 52cm / 11 yards x 21"

Vice Versa Hand Printed Wallpaper

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